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Wedding Planner, Preeti Exclusive

Preeti Exclusive – Indian Wedding Planner

Indian Wedding Planner

This week we’re highlighting another incredible South Asian Wedding vendor based out of Maryland serving the Washington D.C., Virginia and Maryland area (DMV)- Preeti Exclusive!  She’s an incredibly talented Indian Wedding Planner, incredible human being and co-founder of Styckie!  I met with her recently to learn more about her and her business and had an incredible conversation with her.  I hope you find this interview valuable in your search of finding the right wedding planner for your Indian wedding!

A photo of Indian Wedding planner Preeti Vasudeva of Preeti Exclusive events.

How did Preeti Exclusive get started?

I have always had a passion for parties. My parents always hosted celebrations when I was younger and as I grew up, I found myself in various job roles from college onwards that encompassed planning in some way. We have a family friend who is in decor and she asked me to supervise a wedding for her. Although the event went well, the color palette from the decorator, DJ, and linens didn’t match. After that, I started to meet the brides and get a better understanding of their needs. 2 years later, I started my own business   

What services do you offer and what is included with each level of service (day of coordination, etc)?

We offer full service, which is inclusive of finding your venue, vendors, budget management, checklists and a pre-wedding event. With the partial planning, you get a pre-wedding event planning and execution, the venue and a lot of the vendors have already been booked by the couple. Our day of coordination starts 30 days prior to the event and includes a walk through at the venue, timeline formation and event execution  

I’ve seen that you’re a part of Wish Upon a Wedding.  Can you tell me more about that and what it means to you?

Wish Upon a Wedding grants wishes to terminally ill brides and/or grooms. With a generous support system of industry professionals, we are able to grant their wedding wishes! In 2015, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Although I worked through my treatments and was present at every wedding I was contracted for, I knew I had to give back once I was in recovery. I learned about WUW through some friends years prior and had even attended a few of their benefits. After contacting a friend on the board, I was delighted to hear that they had an opening for a treasurer. It’s a blessing to be a part of a fantastic group of people that give their time and energy to a great cause.

How many weddings do you service a year?

Typically between 12-15 although 2018 has 17 before 2017 is even over. We are capped for the year. We keep the number low as we are a boutique planning firm that really likes to spend time with each client and be as present in the planning process as possible. We believe in quality over quantity.

How far out in advance should a client book you?

We typically book a year to 9 months out. 6 months is also OK, depending on the package, but since we keep our bookings low, it’s best to call us soon as you get the ring! 🙂

What comes standard with a booking?

A great team! We are a group of passionate professionals and each of us has a role in making your event, magical! Bi-weekly or monthly conference calls (depending on your level of service) with a full agenda and online planning docs.

To see what comes standard with a Akbar Sayed Photography booking click here.


How customizable are your packages?

Very. Prices are based on guest count, level of service and timings. I usually make a proposal for each level of service so the couple can pick and choose what works best for them, in their budget.

You’re the co-founder of Styckie, can you tell me more about that?

Styckie was founded by a past couple of mine. He wanted to plan a party for his wife, but I only had his wedding vendors, which would not have worked. He signed up for various sites but noticed they were all directories. He is an engineer by trade and started thinking of designs on how to bring event professionals to the client instead of a directory. Chetan called me to tell me about an idea he had, but since he didn’t have event experience, we started to brainstorm together and Styckie was born.

Where have you traveled for your clients?

Mexico, Jamaica, Grand Cayman, Dubai, and Guatemala.

What makes your business unique?

Even though I was born and raised in the US, I grew up holding on to our traditions and language. Couples like that I understand their Americanized vision while parents/families like that I get the culture and can speak to elderly guests.

Many clients tell me that their venue gives a free on-site coordinator.  Can you describe how what you do is different or similar to the on-site coordinator?

The venue coordinator only assists with the planning of the event related issues such as in house linens, load in timings and vendor information. They are assisting with planning details, menu, cake flavors, etc. They are not figuring why your vendor is not fulfilling their duty if the case arises.

There are many different benefits to having a coordinator, what is the single most important benefit that you provide to your clients on their wedding day?

Peace of mind! The last thing a couple wants to is worry about details when they need to soak in the moment. While getting makeup done, you don’t want to do check ins on your vendors. You also don’t want your families to be taking time away from celebrating, just to speak to a vendor

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