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Simply be present with your partner — Akbar and his team will document every meaningful glance and feeling for final photographs grounded in your legacy.

The Vision

With his team, Akbar Sayed uses a marriage-centric approach to tell your story, prioritizing and anticipating your needs before anything else.

The Approach

I have always believed that wedding photographs should be more about your marriage to each other than the event at hand. The essence of my work is your relationship and the emotions evoked in those around you, those who have supported you. This marriage-centered method works because artistry is already a fundamental part of my point of view. I see the world in lines, colors, light and stories.

With an understanding of you, what matters to you and how I can contribute to your well-being, the editorial details and fine art frames will be effortless. So from the very first introduction, we’ll discuss not only vision, but the subtleties of well-being (and yes, therapy too).

Artist. DMV Photographer. 

Akbar Sayed

Gopi & Ricky

“He is so incredibly personable and truly takes the time to understand what is important to you and captures it perfectly.”

Introducing the team of DMV Photographers behind Akbar. Known for their refined skill, loved for their calming presence. 

The Team

Associate photographer

Hannah Yoest

DMV videographer

Claude Robinson

A dedicated artist, Hannah’s instinctual drive is to record and create. With a bachelor of arts in Fine Art Photography, her frames are classically inspired (the Dutch Masters to be specific) and refreshingly modern. As you’d expect, you can also find her perusing art museums and writing poems or essays.

Drawn to the immersive power of cinema, Claude uses over a decade of experience to capture the unique qualities of weddings with his films. Meanwhile, it’s his innate sense of motivation that brings the energy. Originally from England, don’t be surprised if his London accent peeks through at times.


Between studying and caring for patients as a nursing student at the University of Maryland, Baltimore, Akbar sought a creative outlet to capture the beauty that he saw in life at all stages. He purchased his first camera and photographed whatever and whoever was in front of him, but emotions inspired him most of all (an empath through and through).

Seeking Creativity


After months of sharing his work for the pure enjoyment of it, Akbar was asked to capture a wedding. The artistry was innate — his work was published in Baltimore Style Magazine, despite this being his very first wedding.

The First Of Many


Akbar meets his wife who, from the beginning, believed in his natural artistic vision. Although, before they were married in 2012, Nadia required Akbar to read the entire Harry Potter series. He did so enthusiastically and diligently (and yes he cried when Dumbledore died). She continues to be the source of much creative and practical inspiration by encouraging him to be present and laughing at his dad jokes.

More Inspiration


Refining his skill with more weddings and mentorship, Akbar’s knack for wedding photography became undeniable. The next step? Akbar Sayed Photography became an LLC.

Taking The Steps


Akbar has built a team of artists dedicated to emotion-filled photography and cinematography. Together, they capture weddings here on the East Coast and in striking destinations. (And occasionally runway events for New York Fashion Week.)

Over A Decade Later…

My father’s 35mm film camera

Family, and the light they bring

Connecting to others through emotions

As A DMV Wedding Photographer

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