Seeking to understand you — your personalities, what matters to you and how you express your love to each other — Akbar refines his vision to serve your wellbeing and your legacy. In essence, you will enjoy the comfort of a photographer who knows you with the unequivocal artistry only made possible with his years of experience, and unique inclination to serve.

The Philosophy For Discerning Tastes & Meaningful Connections

Mukti & Prit

“He not only was able to deliver our visions, but also made sure everything was perfect — from angles, to lighting, to postures.”

Memorable Words

Combining the documentary styles of digital, the creative flair of film and the reaching perspectives of drone photography, your story will be told comprehensively. Every medium is used with the full picture in mind at each phase of your wedding.

Multiple Artistic Mediums

Your every need will be anticipated and cared for by a team that brings calm and presence to each moment. Then, the final photographs will reflect a true understanding of you and your values.

Client-Centered Care

With over 14 years of experience capturing weddings of varying aesthetics and traditions, Akbar and his team strike the balance between the latest trends and timeless techniques. Their processes and style are attuned to combine each facet gracefully.

Industry Insights


Your wedding in Washington DC, Virginia or Maryland told through the poetic imagery of our associate photographer, Hannah. With the smooth process facilitated through Akbar Sayed Photography, and work refined by a bachelor’s degree in Fine Art Photography, your memories of this moment will emulate the signature mix of editorial and documentary techniques.

Captured by Hannah Yoest. Your wedding coverage will be tailored to meet your story’s needs. Documented with film and digital photography.

Associate Wedding Photography In
Washington DC

Utilizing over 14 years of experience, your wedding will be captured through film and digital imagery in a cohesive, yet unique gallery. Combining editorial and documentary techniques, you’ll be styled and guided with ease when the moment requires it. Otherwise, we’ll let the emotions flow without interruption, capturing it all with honesty. 

Documented with Akbar Sayed’s signature style. Every collection is personalized based on your unique needs. Captured with film, digital and drone photography. 

Wedding Photography In Washington DC & Destinations

Tailored Digital & Film Wedding Photography

Starting at $8,000


Zarima & Jamason

“The photos are not only beautiful, but also truly capture the essence of our relationship and the joy we feel in each other's company.”


Sohail & Yasmine

“Hard to put into words to describe how elite, exceptional, extraordinary
 and talented Akbar is!”


Veena & Ravi

“His photos really captured the feelings of the moments at our wedding. He was so easy to work with, so responsive, so kind and so talented!”


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This wedding photography process has been refined to create an air of composure and understanding for you both. Here’s what you can look forward to…

Ease Into The Process

Get in touch to share the details and insights of your wedding plans so far.


Expect a reply within 48 hours. Then, you can schedule a video consultation at your convenience.

This consultation will be used to align the vision of your wedding with our offerings.

The details within your questionnaire will be used to advise any timeline changes,
as well as to refine our artistic vision for your story.

A call will finalize the last details, and
re-center the
focus on you and
your connection.

Your marriage will be documented with a calming presence and a guiding touch, so you can enjoy each moment with peace of mind. Just days after your wedding, you’ll find a sneak peek of your memories, and your final gallery will be sent within 8 weeks.

After the consultation, we will personalize your coverage and send a contract for review. Your date(s) will be officially reserved with your signatures and a submitted service retainer payment.

In preparation for your wedding, you’ll receive a questionnaire. This will be an opportunity to share more about your events, and what you value most about it all.

We’ll create an open channel of communication with your planner to coordinate your vision and timelines – and in the end create an extraordinary experience for you to savor.

How will you work with our planner?

We carefully select the film type based on skin tones, weather and the pace of the day. Typically, your most impactful moments will be documented with film, and digital photography will be used for fast-paced and interactive moments.

How will you incorporate film photography?

Most of our work is here in the DMV area (Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia) and across the East Coast. Akbar lives among the quiet scenery of Leesburg, Virginia.

Where are you based?

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