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Shivana and Spencer – DC Engagement Session

It was pretty obvious from the first moment that we chatted that I would be the right fit as their wedding photographer.  Shivana and I are both Registered Nurses who went to University of Maryland Baltimore School of Nursing (UMSON) for our Bachelor’s degree.  The thing about nursing school is that… well… it hard.  So when you meet someone who went through the same misery as your self you instantly connect.  Now don’t get me wrong, I loved my time working as a RN and am super appreciative of all of the knowledge I’ve gained at UMSON, just not a fan of stress.  The icing on the cake was that Shivana was all in with our vision (fun, natural, timeless).  Where’s Spencer you ask?  He’s being super wise and letting Shivana make the choices that are important to her.

When it came time to choose a location for their engagement shoot, Shivana and Spencer opted to go down memory lane to the spot where they first met – on the curb outside Lucky Bar in Washington D.C.  They spent the night sitting on the curb outside the bar telling each other their life stories.  Sounds like a story book love story right?  After taking some photos at Lucky Bar we followed it up with spending some time around the Lincoln Memorial and the Reflecting Pool.

This shoot was made easy by Shivana and Spencer’s fun, laid back personalities.  Being a nurse that was used to helping people get through life and death situations I feel pretty confident in my ability to help my brides and grooms get through the most stressful moments of their day.  My couple’s happiness is crucial to me because when my couples are at peace it allows for me to be at peace.  When I’m at peace is when my most beautiful photographs are taken :-).

I can’t wait to shoot their fusion Palestinian – Indian, Christian – Hindu fusion wedding in November at the Baltimore Renaissance Hotel in the Inner Harbor!


Shivana and Spencer - DC Engagement Session 1 Shivana and Spencer - DC Engagement Session 2 Shivana and Spencer - DC Engagement Session 3

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